第六十三輯.第三期 - 2017-09-30


A Critical Review of the Policies of Academic Dismissal from University

作 者:
何萬順、林俊儒 / One-Soon, Her、Jun-Ru, Lin
學業退學、釋字563號、大學自治、合理妥適、學業成就 / academic dismissal, Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 563, university autonomy, reasonable and appropriate, academic achievements
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Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 563 has made clear that the policies of academic dismissal from university are within the rights of university autonomy. However, as such policies do violate students’ right to education, the Constitutional Court requires these policies be ‘reasonable and appropriate’ and their making and implementation follow ‘due process of law’. Based on these requirements, this paper examines the rules of academic dismissal implemented by three of the top universities in Taiwan, namely, National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, and National Tsing Hua University, and demonstrates that, due to the logical flaws in their basic design and assumptions, these rules are far from being ‘reasonable or appropriate’, and are therefore likely to be judged as problematic in court. We further argue that the enforcement of these rules, which have been made less and less stringent in recent years, not only fails to serve the purpose of upholding the standard of student academic performance, but also constitutes a form of maltreatment and persecution of disadvantaged students. We then discuss the misguided values and beliefs underlying such policies. This paper thus concludes that the current policies should be abolished and replaced with more constructive measures.


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